What is CSR?


CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, covering the three principles of sustainable development: social, environmental and economic. This approach includes all the practices put in place by companies to better respect these three principles in order to be economically viable, to have a positive impact on society, and to better respect the environment.

  • Traceability


    For good vanilla pod supply management and traceability from farm to fork.

  • Environment


    For optimized consumption and a transition towards more responsible energy consumption.

  • Social


    For social and community support for people in producer countries and in France.

  • Ethics


    For the development of new, quality, innovative products that meet the expectations of our customers.

The demand for quality

Eurovanille selects its vanilla suppliers on the basis of co-signed specifications and carries out thorough checks upon each delivery. Each vanilla supplier is assessed against different criteria throughout the year. Today, Eurovanille’s supplies tend to be 100% organic vanilla and imported by plane and by ship.

Our goal is to transport more than 50% of our volumes by ship in 2022 and more than 65% in 2023.

A collective and collaborative commitment

Each department of the company has been trained in the implementation of this approach, supervised by the Quality department, and sets annual targets (reduction of packaging, rationalisation of the range, organisation of production, etc.)

This approach is all the more important today for Eurovanille, as the company continues to grow, expanding its industrial site and increasing its production volume.

Also, EUROVANILLE has been a member of the international association SVI (Sustainable Vanilla Initiative) for several years now. It is thereby participating in the sustainability of the vanilla sector in the world (producers’ income, traceability and quality of vanilla, etc.).