Our expertise at every stage

Each profession requires its expertise. From Sourcing to Production, from R&D to Quality, from Marketing to Logistics…Each of our employees is an expert in their field and brings their commitment and motivation to the company through their know-how and interpersonal skills.



Several times a year, in different countries but especially in Madagascar, our teams evaluate, sort, buy and analyse the batches of vanilla presented to them.

Our suppliers have been our partners, most of them for several decades. Together, we build and meet everyone’s needs, those of our customers but also of farmers in price compliance as well as local, national and international regulations.

For Eurovanille, involvement in the sector, through genuine partnerships with its suppliers, is a daily reality.



Located at a new production site open since 2022, our teams work on the continuous improvement of process organisation with the goal of improving our productivity.

Each year, Eurovanille invests several million euros in training hours for its employees, but also in the acquisition of production equipment. Our golden rule is to propel our teams forward and help them grow with the company through internal promotions and the appropriate external training.



Endowed with many years of experience in vanilla, high-performance analysis equipment and constantly evolving methods, our R&D prides itself on a more than 20% validation rate of its projects by our customers. This result is the culmination of close collaboration with our Regulations department.



One of the most demanding departments making it possible for Eurovanille to offer its customers the strictest and most relevant certifications.



Eurovanille keeps up to date with frequently changing regulations thanks to its Regulatory Department who are in constant contact with the French & international certification bodies  (SNIAA, food accreditation organisations, professional unions), to enable its customers to develop quality products with complete peace of mind wherever their products are sold.


The supply chain

An essential link in the success of our projects, the supply chain prides itself on being able to deliver to its Artisan customers anywhere in Europe within 48 hours and to its Industrial customers anywhere in the world within less than 15 days. With a success rate of over 95%, our supply chain invests in performance on a daily basis.