The Cœur de Vanille Bouquet, 3 vanillas in one ! Once again, Eurovanille has developed an exclusive new vanilla creation : the Cœur de Vanille Bouquet.*   Called Bouquet because of its unique blend of 3 vanillas of different origins ; a blend of different varieties and origins all combining to give a delicious new flavor to your desserts ! Containing natural vanilla only with no sugar and no caramel, the Cœur de Vanille is easy and fast to work with.  Since there is no waste and thanks to its low dosage, you can divide your flavouring costs by well over half.   Check out our  new internet site and you’ll see that  this new 100% vanilla pod alternative is already available. Its strength comes fom its blend of all-natural vanilla concentrate, seeds and powder.  Eurovanille, the vanilla specialist ! *Packaging available : 1 kg - 500 g - 100 g

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